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Faculty Housing

We're proud to assist new faculty/staff and their families in finding a place to call home during their transition to the Twin Cities area. You'll find faculty housing listings and resources here.

Sidewalk leading to the court's units

Pillsbury Court

Pillsbury Court is the transitional housing facility designed for faculty/staff members and their family to live in during their transition to the Twin Cities area. This is ideal for faculty/staff members who wish to take their time when looking for a home or other permanent residence.

Pillsbury Court is a wonderful family townhouse complex within walking distance at the Minneapolis East Bank campus. Housing & Residential Life is pleased to offer this safe, family-oriented housing facility to transitional faculty and staff who are new to the University of Minnesota.

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Faculty Housing Resources

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Off-Campus Housing Website

New faculty and staff interested in renting in the Twin Cities area can use the Off-Campus Housing Listing Service to search for apartments, houses, and other rentals near campus.

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Relocation Assistance Program

The University of Minnesota's Relocation Assistance Program offers information regarding the University and surrounding areas for different types of housing, rentals, commuting, and more.

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U of M Real Estate Office

The University of Minnesota’s Real Estate Office provides real estate services including the leasing, licensing, purchase, and sale of real estate, as well as permits for University property.

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A home in the University Grove neighborhood

University Grove

University Grove consists of 103 single-family homes owned by University faculty and staff situated on University-owned land.

University Grove home ownership is open to all University faculty and administrative staff eligible for the faculty retirement plan or a federal retirement plan, current civil service and union-represented University staff whose employment is at least 75% time (excluding probationary and temporary employees), and retired employees eligible for continued coverage under the retiree provisions of the University’s health and dental benefits program.

Entrance to 1666 Coffman condos

1666 Coffman Condominiums

1666 is an active University community for independent living designed specifically for people who have worked at the University at some time during their careers.

It is a 93-unit condominium facility with a seven-member Board of Directors. The Palladian-style building with well-planned apartments is on 6.5 acres of land leased from the University of Minnesota. It is surrounded by protected natural areas including woods, private garden plots, wildflower gardens, Grove Park, the University Golf Course and Driving Range, and the U of M agricultural fields.