Pillsbury Court Tenant Handbook

Pillsbury Court is a transitional housing facility designed for faculty/staff members and their families to live during their transition to the Twin Cities area. This is ideal for faculty/staff members who wish to take their time while looking for a home or other permanent residence.

Pillsbury Court is a wonderful family apartment complex within walking distance of the Minneapolis East Bank campus. Housing & Residential Life is pleased to offer this family-oriented housing facility to transitional faculty/staff who are new to the University of Minnesota.


Maintenance requests may be submitted through Fix It.

Submit a Fix It Request


The University's Board of Regents, in establishing the Pillsbury Court complex, envisioned these townhouses would best serve the faculty as a temporary home until a permanent residence is found.

Leases for Pillsbury Court are generally limited to a period of two years. Requests for extensions beyond two years will require the approval of Housing & Residential Life. Pillsbury Court tenants may request a lease extension in writing at least 60 days in advance of the expiration date of their lease.

Occupancy Limit

Pillsbury Court townhouses are limited to no more than two adults and three children.

Paying Rent

Pillsbury Court tenants will receive monthly invoices via email from [email protected].

Rent is due on the first day of each month. Pillsbury Court tenants are responsible for sending their monthly rent payments to:

Regents of the University of Minnesota 
NW 5960 
PO Box 1450 
Minneapolis, MN 55485-5960

Make checks payable to "University of Minnesota" and add the customer number to the memo line of the check. If possible, for optimal check deposit efficiency, print the invoice receipt, cut off the bottom portion, and send it in the envelope with the check. 

Pillsbury Court tenants also have the option of paying rent online via credit card. 

The University reserves the right to adjust the rental rate during the term of a lease upon 60 days prior written notice to the tenant.

Late Payment

Any tenant with an outstanding account balance equal to or greater than two months of rent will be subject to collections and eviction proceedings.

Unit Layout & Map

The townhouse has 715 square feet of living space on two floors and includes a semi-finished basement. Located on the first floor are a kitchen, dining area, and a comfortable living room that opens onto a fenced patio through a sliding glass door. Two bedrooms and a bathroom are located on the second floor. A recreation room  and utility room with in-unit laundry are located at the basement level. The basement level contains no second means of egress; therefore, it may not be used as a sleeping area and is not considered living space in the total square footage.

Pillsbury Court Unit Layout

Pillsbury Floor Plan


Pillsbury Property Map

Procedure to Vacate

The online 60 Days Notice to Vacate form must be filed with Housing & Residential Life at least 60 days prior to the tenant's intended date of leaving. This requirement applies regardless of whether a tenant intends to move out before the lease expires or at the end of the lease term. The move out date may not occur on a weekend or University holiday.

Submit 60 Days Notice to Vacate

The tenant will receive vacate procedures after the 60 day notice is submitted. It is important to follow the procedures. An improper checkout fee of $50 will be charged to any tenant that fails to comply with these vacate procedures.

A reasonable amount of wear and tear is expected in the townhouse and a damage fee will not be charged to the vacating tenant for reasonable wear and tear. The amount of acceptable wear and tear will vary depending on the length of time the townhome is occupied. However, tenants will be responsible for any breakage, damage, or excessive cleaning needed.

Damage and breakage will be determined by comparing the existing condition to the condition stated in the original check-in sheet. Required repairs would include but not be limited to:

Appliance - Replacement$500
Drapes/Blinds Replacement$60
Carpet Replacement (per room)$200
Cleaning (per hour, one hour minimum)$25
Keys - Mailbox$35
Keys - Front Door (extra)$15
Keys - Recore$60
Removal Fee (items left behind)$200
Screen - Repair$20
Screen - Replacement$50
Smoke detector - Missing or Damaged$90
Telephone jack/Cable jack damaged$55
Toilet - Replacement$167
Walls/Ceiling - Paint/Patch$200
Window - Replacement$150

Departing tenants are expected to thoroughly clean all walls, floors, woodwork, and appliances. There will be a cleaning charge of $25 an hour, one hour minimum, if this work is not done by the tenants prior to vacating the townhouse. Do not wax the floors or shampoo the carpets; the University will perform this task after the tenants move out at no additional charge.

Prior to moving out, the tenant must schedule a pre-move out inspection with the pre-move out form. The purpose of this meeting is to review the vacate guidelines and identify required maintenance prior to the final vacate date. 

The tenant must terminate all utility agreements with the electric, gas, and telecommunications companies. Gas and electric service should be transferred to U of M Housing & Residential Life.

On the tenant’s final day, the tenant should ensure all tasks on the vacate procedures list are complete. Ensure all doors and windows are locked. Leave all townhome and mailbox keys on the kitchen counter. Depart the townhouse by 4 p.m. Make sure to close the front door completely. If departing during a winter month, make sure to leave the heat on at 60 °F or higher. 

If the tenant has questions about proper vacating procedures, contact the property coordinator.


There is one bike shelter located on the Pillsbury Court property. There are only a few spaces available in the shelter, so they are designated on a first-come, first-served basis with an $25 annual fee. If the tenants  are interested in the bike shelter, please contact the property coordinator. The University is not responsible for fire, theft, loss, or damage to any item in the Bicycle Shelter.

Tenants without a space in the shelter are encouraged to store their bicycles inside their townhouse. Bicycles should not be secured to any Pillsbury Court fences or benches, light posts, trees or playground equipment.


The University does not assume any liability for loss, damage, or theft of any personal property belonging to tenants or their guests. Pillsbury Court tenants are encouraged to protect themselves from such losses by obtaining the appropriate insurance coverage.


Every tenant is issued a “lockout key” for their unit in addition to the two everyday use unit keys. The lockout key should be kept in a safe place or with a safe person, and should only be used if the tenant is locked out of their unit.

Tenants are responsible for storing and accessing their lockout key. If the tenant is unable to access their lockout key, call emergency maintenance: (612) 624-2900. If they contact a staff member to assist them with accessing their unit at any time, they will be charged a $200 lockout fee.


Tenants are permitted to have one vehicle per unit in the Pillsbury Court parking lot. All tenants must register their vehicles with Housing & Residential Life at move-in. Registered vehicles will receive one parking permit, which must be displayed on the rear driver-side door window.

Register My Vehicle

Public street parking is available around Pillsbury court. Street parking is not managed by the University. Review the City of Minneapolis parking website for street parking rules.

Tenants should contact the property coordinator if an unregistered car is parked in the parking lot and it does not have a proper permit. Include a photo of the unregistered car's license plate. Vehicles that are not registered at Pillsbury Court may be ticketed or towed at the owner's expense.

Residents should keep their vehicles safe while parked at Pillsbury Court. Keep the vehicle locked and the windows rolled up at all times. Do not store valuables inside the vehicle. The University is not responsible for any loss or damage to resident vehicles.

Repairs & Maintenance

Heating and Cooling

Each townhome has one thermostat in the living room that controls all heating and cooling needs. If the bedrooms are too cold or hot, the vents can be closed on the main level. Closing the vents on the main level will allow the heating or cooling to reach the upstairs. A tenant should try different combinations of open/closed vents before submitting a Fix It request for hot or cold bedrooms.

In the master bedroom there is only one supply vent and one return vent on the floor. The vent near the window is the return vent. We suggest closing this vent to increase air supply in that room.

Maintenance Emergency

Call (612) 624-2900 for a maintenance emergency in your townhome, such as a plumbing failure, plumbing backup, appliance failure, loss of heat, or a lock out. 

Maintenance Request for Regular Service

To request regular maintenance service, submit a Fix It request. Please do not submit Fix It requests for personal decorations or modifications to the townhome, like hanging shelving or photos. Fix It requests are reserved for repairs to appliances or the townhome.

Once every six months, maintenance staff will deliver a new furnace filter to each residence door in the property. The tenant is responsible for installing the new furnace filter and properly discarding the old filter in the trash. Tenants will receive instructions via email regarding this task. 



Xcel Energy is the electricity provider for the townhome. Tenants must arrange service with Xcel prior to their arrival date. At move-out, tenants must transfer their Xcel service to U of M Housing & Residential Life. 


Natural gas is used to heat the townhouse. The gas provider is CenterPoint Energy. Tenants must arrange service with CenterPoint prior to their arrival date. During the winter, residents must keep their heat on at 60°F or higher. Failure to do so may cause the plumbing to freeze, which can cause substantial damage. At move-out, tenants must transfer their CenterPoint service to U of M Housing & Residential Life.


Wired broadband internet is provided by Comcast/Xfinity. Tenants are responsible for arranging their own internet service. 

Cable Television

The cable television service provider is Comcast/Xfinity. Satellite dish installation causes damage to the property and for this reason, satellite television is not allowed. If there are issues with the cable service in your townhome, please contact the service provider.

Hanging Pictures/Shelves

Using nails to hang pictures on brick walls and cinder blocks is prohibited. Please use small finishing nails to hang pictures on other surfaces. Plastic adhesive hooks may be used on all wall types. Installing wall shelves is prohibited. Tenants may not paint or hang wallpaper in any part of their townhouse.

Holiday Decorations

Live Christmas trees, swags, wreaths, and other highly flammable materials are prohibited inside the townhouse due to fire hazard.

Light Bulbs

Housing & Residential Life encourages tenants to use energy-efficient light bulbs equivalent to or no greater than 60 watts. Some light fixtures require specialized bulbs and fixtures. If you need assistance with replacing a specialized bulb or fixture, please submit a standard work order through the online Fix It repair system. 


Tenants should exercise consideration for their neighbors and the visual attractiveness of the property to possible tenants. The appearance of Pillsbury Court should reflect positively on the University and neighborhood community and be attractive to tenants and visitors.

Tenants are responsible for keeping their patio as presentable as possible. Tenants should clear their patio of debris and garbage regularly. Tenants who do not maintain the condition of their patio (free of dirty/broken furniture, garbage/debris, etc.) will be given 48 hours to remedy the situation. If a tenant does not keep the patio clean and debris-free, the University will clean the patio and remove broken and unsightly items at the tenant’s expense.

Open fires are not permitted on the site except for charcoal or gas grills. Pillsbury Court has a ground sprinkler system that is active during appropriate seasons. Tenants and their children should be careful not to damage the sprinkler system by stepping on sprinkler heads.

Upholstered furniture should not be placed on patios. This type of furniture creates a fire hazard and also serves as a nesting place for mice and other rodents. Outdoor patio furniture may be placed on patios so long as it does not obstruct the exit path from a townhouse.

Tenants may have a few potted plants in their patio areas. These plants may be garden plants. All pots and plants must be well maintained and placed only in the areas furthest away from the buildings. Plants that are causing a nuisance of insects or animals, are not well maintained, or are stored in something other than a plant container will be removed.

Garbage and Recycling Program

Large dumpsters for garbage and recycling are located at the edge of the parking areas near the center of the Pillsbury Court complex.

All garbage should be placed in the appropriate container using plastic or paper bags.

Recycled items should be sorted and placed into the appropriate container. Do not place these items in plastic bags.

Household organic waste may be composted using the appropriate container. 

Follow these instructions to properly dispose, recycle, or compost your waste. 

Do not leave furniture or appliances by the dumpsters. A furniture removal charge of $200 per piece of furniture will be assessed to any tenant that leaves furniture in the townhouse at check-out or improperly disposes of used furniture.

Snow Plowing and Shoveling Policy

The central areas of the Pillsbury Court parking lots are plowed whenever a snowfall results in a snow accumulation of two to three inches or more on parking lot surfaces. Snow will also be removed from sidewalks and walkways by University staff. Each tenant is responsible for removing snow from their patio and keeping the unit's front steps clear of snow and ice. During the winter season, Housing & Residential Life will require tenants to move their vehicles out of the parking lots so the lots can be more effectively cleared of snow. Housing & Residential Life will provide tenants with as much advance notice as possible before requiring that they move their vehicles out of the parking lots. After heavy snowfall events, Housing & Residential Life will provide tenants 24 to 48 hours notice to move their vehicle out of the Pillsbury Court parking lots. If a vehicle is not moved by the requested time, the tenant will be charged a $200 administrative fee and the vehicle may be ticketed or towed at the owner’s expense.

Housing & Residential Life urges tenants that travel frequently or leave Pillsbury Court for periods of time during the snow season to leave their vehicle keys with another tenant or park their vehicles in a garage on campus. Tenants should arrange to have their vehicles moved out of the Pillsbury Court parking lots at times when Housing & Residential Life notifies tenants of the need to clear the lots of vehicles for a major snow plowing/removal event. If planning to be away from Pillsbury Court for an extended period of time, please inform Housing & Residential Life at (612) 625-2121 and leave appropriate contact information. This information is helpful in case of an emergency and beneficial to Pillsbury Court security.

Personal Security Cameras

The University allows the use of personal security cameras at Pillsbury Court, within the following parameters:

  • During installation, the tenant must not damage or alter the unit (including the door) in any way. We recommend cameras that can be propped up in your kitchen window. Screws are not allowed. 
  • Audio recording is not allowed, because it violates state law.
  • Cameras must not record the personal spaces of other tenants, for example: cameras can not be pointed into other residence windows or into their patio spaces.


No dogs, cats, or other animals may be kept in the townhouses, except for the following:

  • Service animals
  • Medically required support animals that are registered with University’s Office of Disabilities Services
  • Fish in aquariums of ten (10) gallons or less

Tenants must comply with University policies and procedures that apply to animals in the townhouses. The tenant is responsible for the cost of repairs for any damage to the townhouse caused by your animals.

Prohibited Items


Tenants may not possess guns, ammunition, or any other weapons, (including, but not limited to knives, darts, BB/pellet guns, paintball guns, and swords or switchblades) anywhere on University property. Guns may be stored at the University Police Department. Because of their potential to cause damage, paint guns are also prohibited.


Explosive devices are not allowed in University housing or surrounding grounds. Possessing or using fireworks (firecrackers, smoke bombs, sparklers, etc.), or any explosive material will constitute a safety or fire hazard. Motorized vehicles (e.g., mopeds, motorcycles, etc.) may not be brought through or stored within the townhouse.

Tenants may store and use at the Townhouse routine household agents only, and shall not store or use at the Townhouse any article or object of a dangerous, flammable, or explosive character.


Waterbeds are not permitted inside the townhouse.

Rental Verification

Housing & Residential Life is unable to provide detailed account information on current or past tenants to third party organizations. The following information is the only information that will be provided to a third party with a written release from the tenant:

  • Dates the tenant lived at Pillsbury Court
  • The current rental rate


There is absolutely no subleasing of any kind allowed at Pillsbury Court. This includes temporary stays and short-term stay websites like HomeAway or Airbnb.


The University of Minnesota is committed to the policy that all persons shall have equal access to its programs, facilities, and employment without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, disability, public assistance status, veteran status, or sexual orientation.