UMPD police members, one in a grey polo and black bike helmet and another in officer's uniform, chat with a student at a bike rack near the Washington avenue bridge

Safety Information & Protocols

Safety is a shared responsibility

The University of Minnesota has a comprehensive and layered approach to safety. In addition to the housing-specific measures described on this webpage, all residents are encouraged to review the Safe Campus website and learn about campus-wide programs like 624-WALK, Gopher Chauffeur, GopherTrip, and the Rave Guardian app. You can use these services when traveling to and from your residence hall/apartment or anywhere on or near campus. 


Text on a maroon background stating, "If you need emergency assistance, call 911 immediately." A gold M is undereath.

In the event of an accident, injury, mental health crisis, or other types of emergency, call 911 immediately and then contact your CA, the CA on Duty, or your community's Information Desk for additional support.

Seconds count in an emergency, so don't wait or assume someone else will call.

Housing & Residential Life Safety Upgrades

Safety in our on-campus Gopher community

As a staff, we consider maintaining the safety of all those who live in, work at, and visit our communities to be one of our most important jobs. This is a responsibility we take seriously.

Residents’ Responsibilities

As a resident, you are also responsible for helping protect the safety of our community. Below are important actions that you must do to protect your home on campus and our entire Gopher community.

We understand that it can feel uncomfortable to talk with peers or report information about concerns in the building. However, we all have a responsibility to keep our buildings as safe as possible.

Safety and Emergency Protocols

Campus Safety Resources

Working together, we can all foster a safer climate on and near campus. Resources are available across campus to provide support, tips, and additional information on alcohol and drug abuse prevention, crime, health emergencies, sexual misconduct prevention, transportation safety, and more.

Safe Campus  624-WALK Gopher Chauffeur Rave Guardian App  

Aurora Center  Bias Response & Referral Network (BRRN)