UMPD police members, one in a grey polo and black bike helmet and another in officer's uniform, chat with a student at a bike rack near the Washington avenue bridge

Safety Information

Safety is a shared responsibility


In the event of an accident, injury, mental health crisis, or other type of emergency, call 911 first and then contact your CA, the CA on duty, or the security monitor on duty for additional support.

Building Security

Each residence hall/apartment building's front door is locked 24 hours a day, as are doorways leading to residential spaces. Access to these areas, including dining halls, requires an activated U Card or key/fob issued to residents when they first move in.

A courtesy phone is located outside every residence hall and apartment building entrance to allow guests to call residents from outside the building when they arrive. This phone can also be used to call 911 in case of an emergency.

All of our buildings also have security cameras (monitored by the Department of Public Safety), fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, alarms, and more.

Building Staff

Each residence hall and apartment has a 24-hour Information Desk. Staff support emergency response, resident services, and policy enforcement. Phone numbers are posted at the desk for the staff members who are on duty.

  • Community advisors are on duty weekdays from 4:30 pm – 8 am and 24 hours a day on weekends. These upper-division students are available to help residents and they have extensive training to handle emergencies.
  • At least one Residence Director is on duty and available 24 hours a day.
  • Housing partners with the University Department of Public Safety to provide emergency services. Additionally, on-duty security advisors conduct rounds each day, and they are in direct radio contact with the University of Minnesota Police Department.

Campus Services

Working together, we can all foster a safer climate on and near campus. There are resources across campus to provide support, tips, and additional information on alcohol and drug abuse prevention, crime, health emergencies, sexual misconduct prevention, transportation safety, and more.

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