Students moving belongings with face coverings on.

Move-Out Guide

Details subject to change. Updated March 25, 2022

Thank you for choosing to live on campus this year.

We want to help you feel prepared for the end of the semester and the end of your housing contract (May 11 for residence halls; May 31 for Radius, Wilkins, and Yudof; and July 31 for Keeler).

Work ahead as much as you can by sorting, cleaning, recycling, and packing in advance. Coordinate plans with your roommate(s) to clean your shared spaces. Please submit Fix It requests now if you have maintenance or repair needs. Your building team will fix any immediate concerns now, and they will prepare to make other repairs after you move out. 

Staying Healthy

Review the Safe Campus website shortly before Move-Out for the latest University information.

We encourage you to practice COVID-19 prevention strategies while moving out, and please do not have people help you with moving if they are experiencing symptoms or have concerns regarding exposure to COVID-19.

Moving Instructions

Key Details

  1. Bring your own packing materials - boxes, bins, bags. Carts will be available during Move-Out, and they must be returned to your building’s Information Desk.
  2. Keep your U Card with you at all times for building access, and escort your helper(s) at all times.
  3. Parking is not free during Move-Out at the campus ramps, campus meters, or street meters. You or your helper(s) will need to plan to pay for parking when you are not actively loading the vehicle. More information is below about the parking options for each building.
  4. Our buildings do not have space for residents to store their belongings. Individuals wanting storage options can make reservations with the ReUse Program (information below).
  5. As you prepare for the end of the semester and move out, be mindful of your neighbors. They may have classwork/finals schedules that are different than your own.
  6. You MUST return your keys/fobs to the Information Desk to complete your check out.

    Read each of the following dropdowns carefully.

    Important Reminders

    With so many people going in and out of the buildings, it is essential that you help us maintain a safe and secure building during Move-Out.


    Key Details

    • Parking near our halls and apartments is very limited. Please move your vehicle as quickly as possible after you have finished loading it.
    • Be prepared to pay for parking. Parking in campus ramps, campus meters, or city meters is not free during Move-Out.
    • DO NOT bring trailers or oversized vehicles to campus. They will not fit in the parking ramps, and there is insufficient space to accommodate them outside buildings.
    • You must return any carts (if used) and keys you use to the Information Desk in your building before leaving campus to complete checkout.

    Find information below about where you or your helper(s) can or can't park near your building during Move-Out.

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