Two students walk through St. Paul campus' Display and Trial Garden

St. Paul

With its picturesque lawn and gardens, farm fields, and cattle barns, the St. Paul neighborhood offers a peaceful retreat from the busier Minneapolis side of the Twin Cities campus. If you’re interested in natural resources, agriculture, biology, or design, there’s a good chance you’ll be spending quality time in St. Paul. It’s also adjacent to the Minnesota State Fairgrounds, where events take place throughout the year, including the second-largest state fair in the country. 

Students who live in Bailey Hall have their own dining hall, and easy access to the Gopher Way that connects several campus buildings, providing a buffer from inclement weather. Right next door, the St. Paul Student Center has dining options, a post office, bookstore, printing services, theater, game room, and bowling alley. 

It’s quick and easy to get from St. Paul to the East or West Bank campus areas via the Transitway, which is reserved solely for bike commuters, campus shuttles, and Metro transit buses. You’ll also find a variety of neighborhood cafes, restaurants, and shopping centers just a short bus trip or rideshare away.

Campus Highlights

View of the Bell Museum's woolly mammoth diorama and St. Paul campus water tower

St. Paul gems include two museums, a plant conservatory, greenhouses, a student-run organic farm, and more. The College of Veterinary Medicine clinics are also nearby, including the Raptor Center, which often features a meet-and-greet with their resident birds of prey.

If you want some of the best ice cream, cheese, and jerky in the Twin Cities, head over to the U's Dairy and Meat Salesroom or (grab a cone right at the student center). St. Paul also has plenty of options to get out and get moving, including soccer fields, tennis courts, and a golf course that doubles as a cross country ski track in the winter. The St. Paul Gym has everything from racquetball courts and a swimming pool to a rock climbing wall. 

Housing Options

Bailey exterior summer
A community with five floors of rooms for 500 residents, its own dining hall, and a direct connection to the student center.
Commonwealth Terrace building
Commonwealth Terrace Cooperative
Located south of the University of Minnesota's St. Paul campus, CTC is only a few blocks from the UMN bus line and has easy access to the freeway system.
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