Students on move-in day

What to Bring

Pack smart, bring less.

Your residence hall or apartment is going to be your new home for the coming year. We want you to love it, but space is limited.

The number one thing we hear each year is "I brought too much!" Focus on only bringing essentials when you move in—things like bedding, bathroom supplies, tech gear, and health and wellness items. You can always buy/bring other things in later after you know how much space you have.

If you will have roommate(s), you should contact them to plan ahead to talk about what you are each planning to bring. This will allow you to avoid unnecessary duplication meaning you will save space AND money.

Don’t bring too much, and think sustainably. Leave yourself room to assess, add, and edit once you’ve got the essentials in place. Try packing your items in cardboard and using reusable bins or laundry baskets to reduce waste. It will also be helpful for you to create a list of things you will want to buy after you move in.

What's In Your Space

Essentials And Suggestions

Prohibited Items

🚫 Appliances with open heating elements are not allowed in residence halls, including electric grills, toasters, and hotplates. Review the Kitchen & Appliances section above 

🚫 Alcohol or alcohol containers -- review the Community Behavioral Standards to learn about alcohol use

🚫 Illegal drugs, cannabis, drug paraphernalia, and hookahs

🚫 Tobacco and electronic cigarettes. These may be stored but not used on campus, review the University’s Share the Air policy for more information

🚫 Firearms, weapons, fireworks/explosives

🚫 Candles, incense, and electric fireplace

🚫 Pets. Fish in up to a 10-gallon tank, service animals, and support animals approved through the Disability Resource Center are permitted

🚫 Wireless routers

🚫 Air conditioners

🚫 Space heaters and electric dryers

🚫 Halogen lamps

🚫 Hoverboards, E-Bike, E-Scooters

🚫 We also strongly discourage students from bringing personal printers or Smart/IoT devices designed for home use (review the Tech section above)

Renter's Insurance

Each year we have a small number of incidents where a student’s actions result in significant damage to their belongings and/or the building. Examples of this include:

  • Broken sprinkler heads due to a student 1) hitting it with a thrown object or 2) hanging something off it
  • Burst pipes due to windows being left open during the winter and the pipes freezing.

The University does not provide insurance or cover the damage costs for your personal property in these types of situations. You should check whether your or your family’s homeowner’s insurance can cover your items. If not, you may want to speak with your provider about purchasing renter’s insurance. It can be inexpensive, and many companies provide discounts for customers who have more than one type of insurance.

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