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Move-In Guide

Welcome to your new home!

Last updated: June 2024

Welcome to the University of Minnesota.

We are thrilled that you have decided to join our on-campus Gopher community. We want you to be prepared for Move-In as it is a fast-moving (and often emotional) day. Our team prides itself on an efficient and organized Move-In process.

Do you have questions?

We have answers to all of the questions we receive most frequently in our Move-in Guide and Move-In Checklist. You can also feel free to contact us. We've helped countless students prepare to move in, so we are happy to help!

Please note: Email responses may be delayed on August 26 and 27, 2024, as Housing & Residential Life staff are assisting residents at move-in. Please review the information on the website; otherwise, staff will be able to answer questions when students check in.

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Key Details

Here is a summary of some of the information you will need to know about Move-In, and you can find more details on the other pages in this section.

  • Remember there are 7,000 students moving in before the start of the semester. Please be patient with other drivers/families and our staff/volunteers. Move-In is a time of high emotions—mostly excitement but also nervousness and uncertainty (for both students and their families).
  • Housing assignments are sent at the end of July, and directions for how to sign up for a move-in time are sent in early August. Please confirm your availability before making a reservation, and only arrive during your reserved time.
  • Focus on only bringing essentials first, and check with your roommate(s). You can always buy/bring more things after you are moved in, so waiting helps save space, avoid unnecessary expenses, and reduce the number of trips you make when arriving.
  • Only bring one vehicle, and DO NOT bring a trailer or oversized vehicle. They do not fit in our available parking, and it will be difficult for you to find suitable parking for a trailer close to campus. Additionally, for those arriving on days when assistance will be available, trailers/oversized vehicles will not fit in many of the unloading areas, so we will not be able to provide assistance.
  • If you are a first-year student moving into a residence hall on Monday, August 26 or Tuesday, August 27, 2024: We will have some assistance at the residence halls to help with Move-In. Please follow their directions as this will move quickly. Our goal is for you to arrive, check-in, and unload your vehicle in 10-15 minutes. After everything is unloaded, your driver must move the vehicle to longer-term parking. You and they can then take as much time as you need to arrange your room and celebrate/say goodbye.
  • If you are moving into an apartment on a day other than Monday, August 26 or Tuesday, August 27, 2024: You and your helper(s) will be responsible for moving your belongings into your space without assistance. We will provide moving carts, so please load them fully to reduce congestion and reduce the number of trips you will take. 
  • We start accepting packages for incoming residents on Friday, August 23, 2024. We receive a high volume of packages, however, so please schedule your deliveries to come no earlier than one day before your arrival. Please pick up your packages as soon as possible.
  • Bring your U Card! You should have received your U Card at new student orientation. You will be asked to present it when you check in, so please remember to bring it with you. There is a $30 fee to replace forgotten/lost U Cards, and you will need to follow the directions on the U Card website to order a replacement.

In This Guide

Family pushing full moving carts
Dates & Appointments
All residents will receive an email in early August about how to reserve a Move-In appointment.
Students on move-in day
What to Bring
Focus on only bringing essentials when you first move in. You can bring more later!
A student is kneeling on their bed while hanging a bulletin board on their wall while another person leans away to examine if it is straight
Move-In Checklist
Feeling stressed about everything to do before and after you move in? This checklist will help.
Student reading in their Bailey room
Lofting & Beds
Housing provides beds that can be lofted, bunked, or unlofted. In most spaces, residents can change their bed configuration.
A row of cars parked in parking spots as students and helpers unload items into moving carts
Directions & Parking
Parking is limited, so we have designated unloading zones for all of our buildings. Please arrive, unload, and then park your vehicle.
Two roommates in Sanford Hall studying on their beds with laptops
Connecting with Roommates
Whether you know them or they're a stranger, we encourage roommates to connect before arriving.
Several people in a group are looking at a laptop screen over a person's shoulder
Tech Services
Residents can access high-speed Ethernet, WiFi, 80 HD television channels, tech spaces, and printing.
Goldy Gopher mascot
Student Jobs
Housing & Residential Life is currently hiring part-time student positions with flexible schedules and more.