A row of cars parked in parking spots as students and helpers unload items into moving carts

Directions & Parking

Roll up. Unload. Roll out.

Exclusively on Monday, August 26 or Tuesday, August 27, 2024, we will have assistance to help with the high volume of students moving into residence halls. You should expect to arrive, quickly check in, and unload your vehicle in 10-15 minutes. While assistance will be available to help you unload the vehicle, you will still need to help with the unloading. You and your helper must coordinate to push carts from the unloading area to your room while also keeping one person with the vehicle at all times. 

On all move-in dates except August 26 and 27, we ask all residents and their helpers to plan for a 45-minute move (from your vehicle to your room) to reduce congestion in lobbies, elevators, and stairwells.

Important: Residents should immediately proceed to the building lobby to check-in, receive their keys, and get any other instructions for taking belongings into the building and returning carts. If there is a wait for parking/unloading spots, students can check in and return to the vehicle when it is time to unload.

After you finish bringing your belongings to your room, residents should quickly unpack the moving carts so they can be returned to the unloading area. Once that is done, you or your helper should move your car to long-term parking. If you have not already, please review our Move-In Checklist for more information.

Plan for Road Construction

There are a variety of construction projects happening throughout the Twin Cities, and this can mean significant delays. We recommend reviewing the MNDOT website in advance and considering alternate routes.

Directions by Building

These directions may differ from those given by GPS systems due to special arrangements/permissions for move-in. For general information about the parking facilities (such as height restrictions), review the Parking & Transportation Services website.

Reminder: Only bring one vehicle, and DO NOT bring a trailer or oversized vehicle. They do not fit in our available parking and finding suitable parking for a trailer around campus will be difficult.

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