• 2018-2019 Room Sign-Up

    Began 11/28

    Radius Exterior

Sign-Up Process: How-To

Apartments Available For Room Sign-Up



University Village

Yudof Hall

Note: Room Sign-Up is a competitive process in which we have more demand than physical spaces.
In order to get the space you want, be sure to research before signing-up in the housing application.

Application Fee & Guarantee Payment

Beginning with the Fall of 2018, the Housing Application Fee is a one time payment that covers all future room sign ups.

A bill for the $200 Housing Guarantee Payment is sent after a room is reserved and is due December 21st. Beginning December 22nd, the payment will be due 7 days after a room is reserved.

All students who submit a guarantee payment by their due date will be held to the terms of their contract. All students who do not submit a guarantee payment by their due date will be cancelled and the space they selected will be released and reassigned to another student.

Why Should I Live On Campus For Another Year?

Statistically speaking, compared to living off campus, you’ll have better grades, you’re more likely to graduate on time, and you’re more likely to stick with school and not drop out.


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