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Statistically, on-campus residents are more likely to have better grades, stick with school, and graduate on time. Living on campus allows you to be more involved in the college experience, and seamlessly weave classwork with co-curricular endeavors and other opportunities to discover your place in the larger community. We hope you’ll consider living in one of our University apartment communities or in a Second-Year Living Learning Community next year.

Unique Benefits

  • All-inclusive rates, including all utilities, internet access, and laundry
  • The opportunity to select your own space and roommates
  • Convenient access to University buildings and amenities (classes, libraries, health clinics, fitness centers)
  • 24-hour information desks and secure building access
  • Leadership and community engagement opportunities
  • A built-in network for academic and mental health support
  • 24-hour access to computer labs, study rooms, and community lounges
  • Easy access to campus and metro transit options


Room Sign-up begins Feb 9 for current residents!

How it works

Your current room may or may not be reserved for first-year students, Living Learning Communities, or other University programs. You will be notified via email if you are in a space that is eligible to stay in for the 2021-22 academic year.

Dates & Deadlines

January 21
Current residents and returning students interested in campus housing should fill out the Returning Student Interest Form to access Roommate Search. Pro tip! More people will join Roommate Search over time so check back for new matches.

February 9
Current residents will be emailed instructions to claim a Room Sign-up Ticket at 9:00 AM. Ticket holders will be assigned a date and time they can access the system for room selection in the order tickets are claimed. Pro tip! Don't wait. Most tickets are claimed within the first few minutes after 9:00. 

February 10
Residents currently living in eligible apartment or residence hall spaces may confirm their choice to remain in the same space next year. You have until 9:00 am on February 11 to reserve your current room for the 2021-22 academic year.

Ticket holders may also agree to contract terms and conditions and create roommate groups. Pro tip! Doing this on Feb. 10 makes room selection go faster.

February 16-18
Ticket holders will be able to enter the system to select a room according to their assigned Room Sign-up Selection date and time.

Residents interested in living in a Second-Year LLC may also select their LLC space for the 2021-22 academic year at this time.

March 2
Returning first-year students who do not currently live in on-campus housing (sophomores in 2021-22) will have an opportunity to select space for next year. Fill out the Returning Student Interest Form in advance to receive Sign-up instructions.

March 9
All other returning University students interested in on-campus housing will have an opportunity to choose 2021-22 space. Fill out the Returning Student Interest Form in advance to receive Sign-up instructions.


In 2021-22, individual room assignments will continue to be no more than two occupants, and apartment spaces may have up to five total occupants.

Current residents with a Room Sign-up Ticket and assigned selection time, should talk with friends about plans and create a Roommate Group. Any student can create the Roommate Group and send roommate invitations (be sure to accept your invitations!). The group should choose the person with the best assigned Room Sign-up Selection date and time to act as room captain and select your desired space.

Anyone interested in living in Gender Open Housing for the 2021-22 academic year may reserve Gender Open space during Room Sign-up Selection. Fill out the interest form to confirm the gender identity and/or gender expression on your profile as this will be used to make Roommate Search matches and confirm final assignments. 

New! Roommate Search

We appreciate that it has taken more time than usual to get to know other students due to the pandemic. New this year, we are opening our Roommate Search tool for Room Sign-up to help those without roommates currently or anyone looking for additional roommates. Fill out the Returning Student Interest Form to access the Roommate Search tool.

Roommate Search asks students to answer several questions about themselves as well as about the type of roommate they would like. The tool will share matches based on your answers, and you can reach out to discuss being roommates. Pro tip! More residents will be added over time, so check back often for new matches.

Other options

Looking for something over summer (May 13–Aug. 20, 2021)? Submit a summer housing application later this spring.

Considering off-campus? We want you to move with confidence! Check out these University resources and apartment listings.