Carlson House

Get business done and have fun along the way while living with your Carlson peers


Carlson House LLC - icon of a presentaton board on a stand

You mean business. After all, you’re in Carlson. But you also want to find connections along the way. Consider joining Carlson House to get the best of both worlds!

Carlson House is open to first-year students admitted to the Carlson School of Management who want to build a network early in their college careers, connect with students who have similar interests and goals, and gain valuable experiences.

If you join us next year, you will have priority enrollment in one required first-year course for Carlson majors. Find yourself forming study groups with ease in this house and reap the benefits of having an experienced Carlson peer as your Community Advisor. Living in Carlson House is a great way to start building your network and find your path to success. 

This house is located in Territorial Hall and houses approximately 100 students. Contact the LLC sponsor, the Carlson Undergraduate Program Office with questions.

This community is open to first-year residents.