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Opening Fall 2021

This Living Learning Community provides Dakota language students the unique opportunity to speak Dakota daily alongside the students living in their apartment. Dramatically improve your Dakota, enjoy living with other students who care about Dakota language and culture, and live in a great apartment located close to campus in Dinkytown.

The Dakota Language House is a Living Learning Community where Dakota language students can live together in a safe and fun environment and develop their knowledge of Dakota language and culture.

The Dakota Language House is open not only to heritage Dakota students but to any student who wants to learn the Dakota language. The housing will have students of varying levels of proficiency in Dakota. The ultimate goal of this Living Learning Community is to help students attain a higher level of fluency in the Dakota language by providing students an opportunity to use the language in everyday life.

Students will increase their knowledge of everyday vocabulary and usage and overall fluency in the Dakota language, gain confidence in speaking Dakota, and a sense of community among the Dakota language students garnering lifelong friendships and connections.

The Dakota Language Program sponsors this experience and will recruit and select students for this LLC. If you are interested in this experience or would like more information, please contact the LLC sponsor.


This experience is located in university housing in the Radius Apartments.
Students can request a private bedroom or shared bedroom.


Šišóka Dúta

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From the Dakota Language Program website:

The land called Mnisota Makoce is home to the Dakota people. The Dakota language reflects that relationship and it is evident in the names of different places throughout the present-day state of Minnesota. The land, language, and way of life are all connected for the Dakota people and they cannot exist without each other. 

Due to federal policies of genocide and ethnic cleansing in the 19th and early 20th centuries that attempted to assimilate Dakota people into Euro-American ways of life, today there are only about five first-language speakers of Dakota who were born and raised in Minnesota Dakota communities. With only about 20 speakers from Dakota communities outside of the state, there are currently more second-language learners than first-language speakers of Dakota. 

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New Dakota Language House will open for students in fall 2021, MN Daily - 3/27/21